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Historic Talk:
The Augmented Knowledge Workshop

Doug's Talk - Jan 9, 1986
"The Augmented Knowledge Workshop"
Doug's presentation at the ACM Conference on the History of the Personal Workstation in Palo Alto, CA, detailing the evolutionary development of his seminal work leading up to his 1968 demo and beyond, including a narrated slideshow of historic photos, plus selected footage from the demo. See Experience Doug's Talk below.

The conference was itself a seminal event, gathering the who's who of the lead visionaries and innovators to present their contributions that shaped the personal computing revolution. Demand for a companion book produced from the proceedings was met the following year-ish (see below), thanks to Adele Goldberg. Held at Rickey’s Hyatt House in Palo Alto, CA, Jan 9 & 10, 1986, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and hosted by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). See event summary by the Computer History Museum.

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Watch "The Augmented Knowledge Workshop" - Doug's presentation at the Conference
CONTENTS: Intro by Charles Irby | Preliminaries (Stanford) |
Doug's Talk: Overview | Vision Quest | ARC Timeline | Display-Selection Experiments | Basic Workstation | Leading up to the Demo | Demo Clips (15min) | Post Demo Development | Evolutionary Framework | Enabling Architecture | Augmented Community Pilots | Q&A

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See also Conclusions from Doug's paper

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In his talk, Doug articulates a vision and a roadmap for augmenting our collective human intellect to its highest potential (Vision Quest above), by explicitly co-evolving the human side along with the tools (Evolutionary Framework), architecting the tool system to optimize the co-evolution (Enabling Architecture), deployed within augmented community pilots bootstrap the evolution (Augmented). With that calling he launched a revolution with a constellation of groundbreaking, award-winning results, and yet to this day prevailing paradigms have fallen far short of the higher objectives. This talk represents his earliest articulation of this "Unfinished Revolution" which still awaits our earnest pursuit, through grassroots initiatives on up to the Grand Challenge level. What are we waiting for?

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Included in Doug's talk

1962 Framework

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework
Doug's seminal 1962 research report that launched it all
More on this below.

First Mouse

Doug is holding the original mouse prototype, now on exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

Archive Footage

Screenshot: Doug's 1968 Demo Watch all new Demo Highlights (6min)
More on the demo and archive footage from Doug's talk below.

Archive Photos

See Doug's Slides for complete set