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Following are selected videos from the archive collection. See also our YouTube Channel, plus our comprehensive Doug Engelbart Video Archives collection at the Internet Archive, or our Top Picks from that archive. See also special subcollections Engelbart Academy, Historic Events, and MIT/Brown Vannevar Bush Symposium.

Demos 1

The Mother of All Demos (1968) - historic 100-minute live demonstration by Engelbart and his lab covering all aspects of their innovative breakthroughs in interactive computing, including the world debut of the mouse, hypermedia, groupware, computer supported software engineering, and more. Visit our Doug's 1968 Demo page here at the Doug Engelbart Institute (theDemo.org), and the MouseSite at Stanford University (MouseSite.org), both rich with additional resources re: the event, the seminal visionary work leading up to it, and subsequent retrospectives from Engelbart and his original team.
Augmentation Systems and Information Science (1969) - One year after the 1968 demo, Doug and his team gave a repeat performance at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS), San Francisco, CA. Visit our Doug's 1969 Demo Sequel page at the Doug Engelbart Institute for story, archive video, memorabilia, fun facts, and more.
More demos in our Demo Library.

Tributes 2

Screenshot Celebrating his 1968 Demo
Speakers and panelists reflect on the significance, impact, and future.
1998 | 30th Anniv. | Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution
2008 | 40th Anniv. | Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing
2018 | 50th Anniv. | The Engelbart Symposium and CHM Live: Solving Today’s Great Problems and *more*
Screenshot New! Celebrating his 1962 Framework
Reflecting on the significance, impact, and future of his seminal framework.
1986 | Spcl Event  | The Augmented Knowledge Workshop (see below)
1997 | 35th Anniv. | Augmenting Human Intellect - Then and Now
2022 | 60th Anniv. | See our Fieldguide to Augmenting Human Intellect for details
Screenshot Ted Nelson's Eulogy (2013) - Ted Nelson's emotional and moving eulogy for his friend Douglas Engelbart. Presented at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, on December 9, 2013, event celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Demo titled Honoring Engelbart - Technology Legend.
Screenshot MIT/Brown Tribute to Vannevar Bush (1995) - This two day Vannevar Bush Symposium marked the 50th anniversary of Vannevar Bush's seminal 1945 article "As We May Think", which proved an inspiration to the great pioneers of the information age. While honoring Bush, this event also serves as a tribute to those selected to present. Watch Doug and other luminaries reflecting on the impact of Bush's call to action.
More tribute videos in our Tributes & Tribute Events section of our YouTube channel.

Documentaries 3

Screenshot A New Paradigm for Humanity's IQ (2022) - A mini documentary (6 min) summarizing Doug's career, seminal achievements, and 'unfinished revolution.' New Edition 2022 by the Doug Engelbart Institute (DEI). Originally produced by the Computer History Museum and Logitech, Inc. with the DEI to debut at the December 9, 2013 memorial event Honoring Engelbart - Technology Legend.
Screenshot Doug Engelbart's Call to Action (2009,2013) - A mini documentary (9 min) by the New Media Consortium, based on their 2002 interview with Doug, produced as a tribute video for his 2009 NMC Fellows Award presentation, and updated with more photos from our digital archive in 2013.
Screenshot Visionary Leaders of the Information Age - Doug Engelbart (1995) - Futurist Marc Doyle interviews Doug Engelbart for this mini documentary (20 min), an episode of Visionary Leaders. Produced by the Jones Computer Network, Mind Extension University Education Network, March 1995.
Screenshot The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart (2018) - This award-winning film by the Silveira Brothers (1hr 4 min) features Engelbart's vision to augment the collective IQ of humans using the computer as a vehicle for exploration. "For Doug it was all about augmenting humankind's collective IQ, his ideas were ahead of his time, his thinking was ahead of his time. Before Gates, before Jobs and before the personal computer revolution there was Douglas Engelbart." Also featured on Amazon Prime and Kanopy.
See: Trailer #1 | Trailer #2 | Full Documentary | Home

Talks and Workshops 4

Screenshot New! Engelbart's Big Idea Worth Spreading (1997) - Doug summarizes his career and 'unfinished revolution' in his acceptance speech upon receiving the 1997 Lemelson-MIT Prize, which "honors outstanding inventors dedicated to improving our world through technological innovation." If we had to pick one for a TED Talk, this would be it.
Screenshot All New! Engelbart Academy (1992-2004) - a special selection of management presentations by Doug Engelbart unfolding his vision for the future, including concepts, framework and call to action to a variety of audiences. Each video is chapterized to aid in skimming, studying, and bookmarking the material. Newly updated with improved video quality and seamless browsing.
Screenshot Engelbart's Colloquium at Stanford (2000) - An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution", a 10-session seminar for industry leaders presented at Stanford University; see the comprehensive event website for program summary, guest speakers, slides, lecture transcripts, and more. Refer to the Program to watch the video recorded sessions filmed by the Stanford University Center for Professional Development.
Screenshot AtGoogle Talks: Douglas Engelbart (2007) - Doug Engelbart at Google Headquarters. August 28, 2007. Lively, informal question and answer format covering Doug's strategic vision for the future, including the future of information technology, innovation, continuous improvement, and leveraging our Collective IQ to solve important problems. Shown left with Jeff Rulifson. Host MC: Peter Norvig, director of research at Google
Screenshot Bootstrap Seminar Intensive (1992) - Throughout the 1990s, Doug and Christina produced a series of three-day, one-day, and half-day management seminars at Stanford University. This three-day intensive, was presented March 24-26, 1992. See our event website for details, and our event program to watch all 12 sessions and view the slides and handouts.
Screenshot The Augmented Knowledge Workshop (1986) - Doug's presentation at the History of the Personal Workstation Conference in Palo Alto, CA, January1986, detailing the evolutionary development of his seminal work leading up to his 1968 demo and beyond, showing historic photos plus selected footage from the demo. See event page Doug's Historic Talk: The Augmented Knowledge Workshop for all the details.
Visit the Engelbart Academy for more management seminars and workshops, as well as our Historic Events page.

Interviews 5

Screenshot New! Doug's Vision Highlights (2002) - Selections from Doug Engelbart's 2002 NMC interview introducing his vision for the future in 7 minutes. Watch it interactively at the Engelbart Academy.
Screenshot Doug Engelbart Oral History (2002) - John Markoff interviews Doug Engelbart for the Computer History Museum Oral Histories Project.
Screenshot A White Rabbit Interview (1999) - Doug Engelbart and Bill English discuss their historic work, from initial funding to invention of the Mouse during their screen-selection experiments, and the Mother of All Demos. Interviewers: Bill Duvall and John Markoff.
Screenshot PBS NerdTV #11 Doug Engelbart - Inventor of the Computer Mouse - December 2005 episode devoted to an interview with Doug and columnist I, Cringely. See also the archived show posting and Transcript for this episode, as well as the NerdTV Wiki post.
Screenshot Together We Can Get There! (1991) - Doug Engelbart's in-depth interview with Patricia Seybold on high-performance organizations of the future, and what it will take to achieve them. 90 Minutes. Or watch chapterized version at the Engelbart Academy | Seybold Interview. See program notes for details, and Seybold's companion article Doug Engelbart's Design for Knowledge-Based Organizations.

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