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The MouseSite 1

A curatorial website at Stanford University 1A

"Welcome to the MouseSite, a resource for exploring the history of human-computer interaction beginning with the pioneering work of Douglas Engelbart and his colleagues at Stanford Research Institute in the 1960s." Under the direction of Henry Lowood and Tim Lenoir, this team pulled together a great website with historical descriptions, complete video footage of Doug's 1968 Demo, an excellent catalog of significant archives, and in many cases the archives themselves.1B

Browse the MouseSite at Stanford -- with fun facts, photo galleries, annotated Mother of All Demos footage, and links into the Engelbart Archive, including an annotated Table of Contents offering essentially a 'highlights tour' of the Archive, plus links to other sites of related interest.1C

Special Collections 2

As part of the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford, the Stanford Libraries Special Collections curates the Douglas C. Engelbart Papers -- an extensive collection of his papers, photos, video recordings, film, and artifacts from his lab at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International). Visit our guide to Special Collections by Institution | Stanford for details. 2A

1987 Oral History 3

The Engelbart Oral History -- part of the series "Stanford and the Silicon Valley Oral History Interviews"
Interviewers: Judy Adams and Henry Lowood. Editor: Thierry Bardini.3A

Interview1: Personal and family history / Early educational interests / Training in radar technology / time in the military / reading of Vannevar Bush / Undergraduate at Corvallis / Graduate School at the Berkeley School of Engineering / Ames Research Center / Setting professional goals / Workstation idea / Back to school at Berkeley and the Caldex project / Work for Morton / Dissertation / Gas tubes /Recruiters and patents; deciding on a job / Digital techniques /Investors and Hale / Change in direction / Stanford connections / SRI / Defense Department Support / Building professional connections.3B

Interview2: Digital techniques discussion / Patent process / Marchant calculator / Demise of digital techniques / Teaching at Berkeley / Early computers and programming / Stanford Research Institute / Electrical engineering programs at SRI / Air Force Office of Scientific Research /Implications of the report "Augmenting Human Intellect" (1962) / ARPA and development of artificial intelligence / The Augmentation Research Center at SRI / Bootstrapping / Computers / Management complexities /NASA connections / Bill English / NLS (On-Line Systems).3C

Interview3: ARC ca. 1964 / Timesharing / ARPA directors / Naming the Augmentation Research Center / Research management lines at SRI / SRI organization vs. sponsorship / SRI patent and licensing /Conceptual framework / Augmentation and human capability / The mouse /Other aspects of NLS / Programmers / 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference/ Oregon State 'Distinguished Alumnus of the Year" Award (1987) / XeroxPARC migration. 3D

Interview4: NLS in the 1970s / ARPANet / ARPANet Network Information Center/ The journal system / Command system / ARPA's continuing support / Thesale of NLS/ARC to Tymshare / Impact of the microcomputer / The XeroxAlto / Tymshare / Augment at Tymshare and McDonnell-Douglas Information Systems / McDonnell-Douglas Information Systems / Collaborative research efforts / Stanford connections.3E


1998 Symposium: The Unfinished Revolution 4

December 9, 1998, marked the 30th anniversary of Doug's now famous 1968 Demo. An all day celebratory symposium was hosted at Stanford University under Paul Saffo's creative leadership. Visit our Celebrating the 30th Anniversary page dedicated to this event for more info and to watch the speeches and panel discussions. 4A

2000 Colloquium: The Unfinished Revolution II 5

The symposium was followed in the year 2000 by a 10-week colloquium named "The Unfinished Revolution - II" unfolding Doug's vision for the next generation - see Colloquium.5A

2008 Event: Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing 6

December 9, 2008, marked the 40th anniversary of Doug's now famous 1968 Demo. SRI sponsored a public celebration at Stanford University. Visit our Celebrating the 40th Anniversary page dedicated to this event for more info and to watch the speeches and panel discussions. 6A