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Christina at recent speaking engagement

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Christina on site visit with VCU collaborators Bootstrapping Brilliance in Education
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Christina speaking at Internet Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony on behalf of her father
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Christina with her father Doug Engelbart
2005 CHM Fellows Awards

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Christina Engelbart, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Doug Engelbart Institute, worked closely alongside her father as Associate Director on all aspects of his work for over a decade.1

Christina got her start in 1978 as in intern in Doug Engelbart's lab, first as a Customer Service and Training rep, then as an East Coast field rep, for early customers of the NLS/Augment system developed in Doug's lab, and later specified the user interface for the Augment hypermail program. From there she served as Director of Marketing Services and Co-Founder of DynaTrac, a Silicon Valley start-up delivering state-of-the art retail accounting systems and streamlined operational practices to convenience store chains, employing customer-centric design thinking strategies at scale. 2

Christina then joined forces with Doug to launch the Bootstrap Institute (now the Doug Engelbart Institute*), working closely with her father to refine his vision and implementa­tion strategy, develop demonstration software, and promote his teachings via writings, workshops, courseware, expeditions, and communities of practice, and produce the first Bootstrap website. She then served for three years managing operations at Solari, Inc., including website development, strategic planning, marketing communications, and economic research, and helped conceive and produce the Solari Audio Seminars series, before returning to the Doug Engelbart Institute in 2007.

As Executive Director, Christina works along three intersecting vectors: (1) as head curator of the Engelbart Archive, bringing his considerable historic legacy to life online; (2) as producer of the open source Engelbart Academy, featuring Doug's still prescient call to action in his own words; and (3) bringing that vision to practice as an actionable stragety for Bootstrapping Brilliance in today's teams and organizations, an approach that dovetails with prevailing innovation strategies for greater transformational impact.3

"Christina has taken her father's considerable body of work to a whole new level, distilling the conceptual into an accessible, actionable strategy for Bootstrapping Innovation and Collective IQ."
     — Ronni Marshak, Senior Consultant/Analyst,
Patricia Seybold Group [Source]

Christina earned a BA degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley, with honors, with a special focus on applied anthropology, the culture of organizations, and organizational behavior. She is experienced in business management, operations, marketing communications, customer service, community building, program management, webmastery, computer systems design, knowledge management, groupware, and continuous improvement.4

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