Christina Engelbart Resume0


2008-Present. Managing Director, Doug Engelbart Institute.
Christina is working to reposition the Doug Engelbart Institute into a virtual, sustainable enterprise capable of carrying forward Doug’s vision and seminal work, toward an ultra modern expression of that work. This includes launching an all-new interactive website to support broad-based collaboration, featuring three web-based hands-on participatory projects, organizing and developing project resources, republishing key works, fundraising, building a network of advisors and collaborators, overseeing the webification of primary archival materials, and embedding key elements of the bootstrapping strategy into every level of the organization as a living example of the work. Christina is also working closely with SRI on the 40th anniversary celebration of her father’s 1968 demo planned for December 9th, 2008.1a

2003-2007. Consultant, Howard Franklin.
Christina served as product design and marketing consultant at Howard Franklin, with primary contracts serving Solari, Inc. and Bootstrap Alliance. Solari is an investment advisor (in formation) aimed at bridging local economic development initiatives and enterprises with local and global investors. Christina worked closely with Solari President Catherine Austin Fitts on all aspects of visioning, refinement of the economic models, product design, marketing communications, community outreach, curriculum development and web presentation of their audio seminar series. She was instrumental in the design and implementation of two of Solari’s three comprehensive websites, as well as conceiving and implementing whole new lines of business for the company. Christina also consulted for Bootstrap Alliance, most recently on the software R&D project called HyperScope, contributing her deep prior knowledge of Collective IQ principles and Augment functionality to the program strategy, project design requirements, software usability and testing, community website, and overall program coordination. 1b

1988-1999. Associate Director, Bootstrap Institute. (Co-Founder)
Ms. Engelbart co-founded Bootstrap Institute with her father, Doug Engelbart, to help launch collaborative implementations of his pioneering work. Bootstrap Institute is conceived as a think tank for advancing collaborative tools, practices, and strategies for creating high-performing organizations and communities, as well as a facilitator of communities of practice to collaborate. The core message is that as the world gets more complex and global, and the problems and opportunities facing us become more complex and urgent, we need to learn better and better ways to work together to go after them. This includes work practices and paradigm shifts as well as technological advances. The idea is to work with a wide variety of organizations in a joint collaboration, and to have these groups investigate and experiment, operating as an advanced ‘pilot outpost’ implementation of their joint work, and then begin to field pilot outposts within their own organizations. Christina worked directly with her father on all aspects of the work, strategizing, communicating the vision, organizing workshops and online forums, supporting the customer network, writing and publishing, working with the press, designing software, and performing all general management functions.1c

1982-1997. Director Marketing Services, Dynatrac Systems, Inc. (Co-Founder)
Christina co-founded Dynatrac Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up delivering networked retail accounting systems to convenience store chains, linking stores to their district and corporate offices. She spent considerable time engaging people in the industry, from management to store level managers and clerks, to fully understand the current operations, and to challenge why/how things were done the way they were. Under her co-direction, Dynatrac developed significantly improved store operational practices which were rolled out chain-wide to 3500 stores in Circle K Corporation. Christina oversaw the installation and round-the-clock utilization of our system in 65 stores. Stakeholder participation was key throughout. The combination of practices and technology installed instilled transparency and integrity all the way up the chain of command. As co-founder, Christina helped to secure 3 rounds of funding, build the company to a staff of 24, built up and directed the Marketing Services department, and worked very closely at all levels with the customer, and with the software development team.1d

1978-1982. Augment UI Design, Tymshare, Inc., Cupertino, CA (HQ)
Christina served as Augment UI design coorinator for Tymshare Inc., for their Office Automation Division, which was fielding the comprehensive hypermedia/groupware system known as Augment within large organizations. 1e

1978-1981. Augment Customer Account Rep, Tymshare, Inc., Arlington, VA (Field Office)
Ms. Engelbart served for 3 years as a customer account representative serving customers of the first hypertext groupware computer system known as Augment/NLS. She was responsible for a majority of Augment customer organizations in the Eastern and Mid Western states. Duties included needs analysis, application development, training, and curriculum development, customer service.1f


B.A. Cultural Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley, 1977
Christina earned a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, from U.C. Berkeley in 1977, including a year of graduate work during her senior year. Her degree is in Cultural Anthropology, with a special focus on organizational behavior and human issues in technology transfer and change. 2a


Boosting Our Collective IQ, Edited by Yuri Rubinsky and Christina Engelbart, a selection of Engelbart articles woven together in abridged form and published in a special edition of 2000 copies for attendees of the Fourth International World Wide Web Conference, December 1995, to mark the occasion of the SoftQuad Web Award presented to Doug Engelbart at the conference.3a

Bootstrapping Organizations Into the 21st Century, Douglas C. Engelbart and Christina Engelbart, October 1990 for CSCW’90 (AUGMENT,132220,)3b

Bootstrapping and the Handbook Cycle. Douglas C. Engelbart and Christina Engelbart, Telematics and Informatics, 7: 1 (January 5 1990), pp. 27-32 (AUGMENT,132418,).3c

Christina also worked closely with her father on the following key articles: 3d

Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System. Douglas C. Engelbart, Proceedings of the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Los Angeles, October 1990, (AUGMENT,132082,). Republished in Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook, McGraw-Hill, 1991. 3e

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