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Karen Risa Robbins Ms. Robbins has inspired, brokered, and managed partnerships, communities, professional associations, and teams for over two decades. As Co-Founder & CEO of American Technology Alliances (AmTech), she built a suite of services around collective enterprise to support government, industry, academic, and nonprofit clients in the R&D space. She received accolades for her leadership in public-private partnership and cross-sector change initiatives. She is credited with innovating a pro-collaboration contracting model adopted by numerous federal agencies and influencing collaboration policy at NASA, FAA and DOC.

An attorney, skilled group facilitator and process architect, she has guided countless collaborative endeavors, including leading governance and partner relations for the $18 billion dollar program to modernize the National Airspace System, and the $150 million dollar program that spawned civil drones. She handled formation and governance for numerous associations, including the Doug Engelbart Institute (on behalf of the celebrated computer visionary), the Global Disaster Information Network, the UAV National Industry Team, the NextGen Institute, the Southeast Asian Youth Leadership initiative, and others. She has advised and supported many high level Boards of Directors.

Ms. Robbins has advised C-level executives on how to increase collaboration in their organizations, managed stakeholder engagement programs, and developed requirements for groupware.

Currently, Ms. Robbins provides business advice to varied clients through her independent consulting practice and is a founding member of The Washington Progress Group, a team developing software and policy solutions for drone safety. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Doug Engelbart Institute and Ontrack North America.

Ms. Robbins is a member of the California Bar. She holds a B.A. degree from Pomona College and a J.D. degree from the University of Santa Clara Law School. She is published in a variety of professional journals.

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Doug Engelbart and Karen Robbins