1995 Softquad Web Award0

[ . . . Exerpted in part from NCSA Web Update - Spring 1996 Issue. ]1a

The recent World Wide Web conference in Boston was the site of the innaugural presentation of the SoftQuad Web Award honoring someone "whose vision and work helped make the Web Possible." The 1995 honor was bestowed upon Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart, the inventor of the graphical user interface, shared-screen teleconferencing, context-sensitive help, and the now-ubiquitous mouse. The biographical statement distributed about Engelbart notes that he "anticipated and helped shape the computing environment in which we live and work and continues to offer direction, particularly in the area of the World Wide Web -- the most visible manifestation of his vision." 1b

Photo of softcover and hardcover editions
Book: Boosting Our Collective IQ
SQ Award Photo
Book signing at the Award Ceremony
Engelbart (photo at right, seated middle) is shown signing copies of the book Boosting Our CollectiveIQ, published to commemorate this event, includes selected readings from his more than thirty-year career in organizational computing. Also signing copies is Tim Berners-Lee (seated left), the author of HTML. Looking on is the late Yuri Rubinsky, sponsor of the SoftQuad Web Award, editor/producer of the book being signed, and a member of the World Wide Web Conference Committee. (Rubinsky, a writer, publisher, and software developer, died suddenly in January.) NCSA's Barbara Kucera (seated right), also a member of the conference committee, numbers the signed copies that will be made available to raise funds for the Bootstrap Institute founded by Engelbart (now called the Doug Engelbart Institute). 1d

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