Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Doug's 1962 Framework

November 12, 1997
"Augmenting Human Intellect"
Doug Engelbart and his original management team co-presented at a special event marking the 35th anniversary of his seminal 1962 Conceptual Framework, which drove his life's work. Speaking here on operationalizing the vision and key strategies - past and future - are Jeff Rulifson, Bill English, Charles Irby, and Doug Engelbart. Preliminary remarks by series co-organizer Peter Nurske.

This event, co-sponsored by the Computer Musem, was one of a series sponsored by Bay Area Computer History Perspecitve and Sun Microsystems, was held November 12, 1997, at SRI International, where they conducted of their pioneering work.

See event summary by the Computer History Museum, as well as their original posting of event sessions.

Experience the Sessions 2

Watch speeches from "Augmenting Human Intellect - 35 Years Later":

Introductory Slides | Preliminary Remarks. Event organizer Peter Nurske unfolds the story of this event series and the interesting speakers to date as a lead-in to tonight's event.

Session 1: Jeff Rulifson 
Jeff joined Doug in 1966 as lead software architect.
Introductions | Key Accomplishments | Bootstrapping Simplified

Session 2: Bill English
Bill joined Doug in 1964 as lead hardware engineer.
Preliminaries | Evolution of the Hardware: Early Experiments with Pointing Devices | Multiple Display Workstations (1967) | How We Produced the Demo (FJCC'68)

Session 3: Charles Irby
Impressed by the 1968 demo, Charles immediately joined the group.
About the Demo | Demo Highlights | Doug's Contributions & Objective | Human/Tool Paradigm | Computing Paradigm | Context | Contributions by ARC | Work at Xerox PARC | World Wide Web | Impact

Session 4: Doug Engelbart
Doug published his landmark Framework in 1962, applied that design strategy to the research process, grew the team, and by 1968 they were living the future of modern computing. The single biggest limiting factor? Clashing paradigms. Follow along with Doug's slides.
Limiting Paradigms | Framework Overview | Objective | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Pilot Outposts | Collective IQ | OHS | Deployment Strategy  NICs | BONUS: Dimensional Scaling | Augmenting not Automating | Importance of Paradigms

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Guest of Honor 5

Doug's 1962 research report that launched it all

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