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Eva de Lera Eva de Lera is Founder of Lilacom, and Executive Director of Raising the Floor-International, an international association supporting a consortium of organizations and individuals working to ensure that the Internet is accessible to people with disabilities and/or literacy problems, regardless of their financial resources. Its main efforts are toward building a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII), which will provide tools to discover what a person needs, store that information in the cloud (or on a token they can carry) and then allow them to use this information to cause any ICT they encounter to automatically change into a form they can understand and use. Ms. de Lera also serves as  European Program Manager from her offices in Barcelona, Spain. Her specialty is in EX (Emotional Experience), a convergience of communication, psychology, technology and design. Previously, she worked as a consultant, strategist and advisor to technology companies and organizations across many industries. She uses her background in psychology, media, user experience, creativity, marketing communications and education, to help identify challenges that matter and bring innovative solutions that help lead change. 1