Getting Started with the Engelbart Challenge 0

We assume that all participants in the Engelbart Challenge share the same goal -- learning what it takes to begin doubling the Collective IQ of organizations and society. Regardless of your chosen category or level of involvement, everyone should start with the same first step:

Describe for your team or organization:

"How we are already meeting (parts of) the Engelbart Challenge".

You can do this for your own team or organization, or for any public entity like Congress, the White House, government agencies, the World Health Organization, schools and universities, your local City Council, etc. (keep in mind the purpose is increasing Collective IQ, so the focus remains on the positive).

How is your subject team or organization already doing some of what it will take to begin doubling Collective IQ? Your submission involves:

  1. completing a questionnaire
  2. creating a 3-5 minute video and posting it on a social media channel like YouTube
  3. preparing a short half page writeup of your experience and learnings with a link to your video, attaching your completed questionnaire and selected photos (if any), and
  4. posting your writeup to the Engelbart Challenge Circle blog
  5. completing the review process - (a) reviewing three other team's project submissions, and (b) getting your project reviewed by three other teams

This wins you a Mini Challenge Special Recognition.

See for example our first entry received:
How these rural initiatives in Uganda are already meeting the Engelbart Challenge

For those going on to compete in the Grand Challenge, this exercise has also established your baseline starting point. Contenders will incorporate collective learnings throughout their Grand Challenge project, and include in their final submission a repeat of the exercise at the completion of their work to show their before and after, highlighting their efforts to increase their own team's Collective IQ as they went.

This step leads all participants through an innovation process called Bootstrapping Innovation and Collective IQ to provide a shared framework for assessment and insights as to how you might best leverage and accelerate your progress toward doubling Collective IQ in your subject team or organization.