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Networked Community Showcase

Overview 1

The Doug Engelbart Institute is delighted to showcase these networked communities which are practicing most or all of the five accelerators for Bootstrapping Brilliance, or something very close to it. These are excellent case examples of networked improvement communities, or "NICs", a term coined by Doug Engelbart to emphasize the importance of collectively addressing significant challenges and opportunities. Bootstrapping Brilliance serves as a template for networked improvement communities to further advance their mission and scale results. 1a

We are pleased to announce that our case at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), the brainchild of Dr. Gardner Campbell, was profiled in a feature article by the Internet Hall of Fame: Internet Pioneer's Greatest Contribution May Not Be Technological.

Community Spotlight 2

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Virginia Commonwealth University
Bootstrapping Brilliance in the "Thought Vectors" Initiative and cMOOC

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Three Case Examples
What do, nuclear proliferation, and marine biology have in common?

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Lemelson-MIT Program
InvenTeams and the Inventor's Pathway

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Uganda Rural Develop­ment Training Programme
Bootstrapping commu­nity development through leadership training for girls

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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
A Center for Networked Improvement

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New Media Consortium
Bootstrapping Innova­tion in service of member uni­ver­si­ties, colleges, museums, ...

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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) 3

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  Led by Dr. Gardner Campbell, Dean of University College, Associate Professor of English.

Uganda Rural Development Training Programme (URDT) 4

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  Case study prepared by Patricia Seybold, Founder and CEO Patricia Seybold Group, Author: Outside Innovation and The Customer Revolution

Lemelson-MIT Program 5

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  Led by Dr. Stephanie Couch, Executive Director.

Three Case Examples 6

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  Panel discussion moderated by Paul Saffo, Forecaster.

  • Case Examples: What do, nuclear civics, and marine biology have in common? Their approach to tackling global issues – collaborative, networked, iterative, walking their talk, co-evolving, compassionate, continuously improving.
    (1) Erika Gregory, Managing Director of NSquare – "powering a network of innovators committed to ending the nuclear threat through unlikely partnerships, breakthrough ideas, world-changing projects;"
    (2) Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO of – "On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions;" and,
    (3) Erika Woolsey, Marine Biologist, Ocean Design Teaching Fellow, Stanford University, National Geographic Explorer, Founder of The Hydrous – " an international community of scientists, divers, designers, filmmakers, technologists, educators, and concerned citizens who love the ocean and want to share it to protect it." through expeditions, technology, ocean education.
    Imagine if the visionary leaders of these and other innovative networked initiatives could strategize together about the challenges ahead, strategies, best practices, lessons learned...

  • Watch them in Solving Today's Great Problems? Lessons From Engelbart's Demo @50
    Panel Discussion (60min) "Can Engelbart’s tech­niques for accelera­ting change solve today’s great problems?" Paul Saffo moderates this panel discussion of case examples with Erika Gregory (NSquare), Ben Rattray (, Erika Woolsey (National Geographic Explorer). [see event site]

  • Feature Article: What Would Doug Engelbart Do?” Ask Organizers of a Silicon Valley Event

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 7

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  Led by Tony Bryk, President


New Media Consortium 8

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  Presentation by Dr. Larry Johnson, then Chief Executive Officer. [ The NMC was since acquired by Educause]