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Intro 1

Welcome to the all-new HyperScope proto­type, offering an enhanced browsing experience on the web. Basic features include flexible view control, fine-grained addressability for jumping around, and more. It's envisioned as a proof of concept for Doug Engelbart's 'laundry list' of baseline features, still missing in prevailing information technology, still needed to fulfill the promise of new media, 'augmenting the human intellect' in the effective engagement of teams, organizations, and networked initiatives. Learn more About Open Hyperdocument Systems (OHS).

This evolving prototype initially supports interacting at the file or document level.

Give it a Whirl 2

  1. New to HyperScope? Watch the demo at right.
  2. Goto Doug's Authorship paper featured in the demo for a test drive.
  3. Check out Cue Cards below to see features at a glance.

More Engelbart Papers to browse

Early Framework Collection

Bootstrapping the Future

Foundational Technology

With more on the way!

Cue Cards & User Documentation:

If the dream of improving human destiny isn’t enough, how about the thought that the companies that adopt the best Collective IQ improvement strategy will have a significant competitive advantage. Wouldn’t you want your group to have the highest Collective IQ?

For Developers 3

  • The Hyperscope 2.0 prototype is powered through javascripts and CSS, intended to work in any standard browser on most any device. It is designed as an evolving proof of concept of the kind of functionality Doug Engelbart was calling for (ref. About OHS), to include open source, commuity engagement and hands-on pilot usage. 3a
  • For Developers - an up to date directory of publications being rendered, with more resources to come 3b

Further Inquiry 4

  • About OHS - the inspiration for HyperScope - highlights why we need a world-wide open hypersocument system underlaying our information technology, what it is, approaches for implementation. The OHS template is designed to facilitate a group's dynamic knowledge ecosystem (DKE). 4a
  • Technology Showcase - various examples of OHS-inspired technology,
    For examples from Doug's lab see especially: 4b
  • Papers: Summary Listing of Doug's Papers - showing the evolution and refinement of augmenting human intellect, evolving the organization of the future, and the enabling technology needed as the critical missing piece. 4c