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Featuring Doug Engelbart 1

No more pencils, no more books - write and read electronically. By Roger K. Field, Electronics, Nov 24, 1969. 1a

New System Shown Here: A Long-Distance Computer Linkage. By Marshall Schwartz, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 3, 1969. [details] 1b

Getting more mileage from computers. By Wallace B. Riley, Electronics, Jan 20, 1969. [details] 1c

Quick-thinking computer aids human decision makers. By Marge Scandling, Palo Alto Times, Dec 10, 1968. [details] 1d

Augmenting your intellect. Research/Development, August 1968. 1e

Pupils Get Insight On Computers. The Teen Review, November 25, 1961.
[details] 1f


Featuring Doug with select others 2

Computers loom as powerful tool for thinking. Robert C. Cowen, The Christian Science Monitor, April 29, 1966. 2a

“Imagination the Limit: Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute says that costs of using computers are falling fast while the advantages of using them as personal tools for thinking are swiftly becoming evident…”

The Computer as a Communication Device. By J.C.R. Licklider and Robert W. Taylor, Science & Technology, April 1968. 2b

The project meeting as a model... Distributed intellectual resources... "We referred earlier to a meeting in which the participants interacted with each other through a computer. That meeting was organized by Doug Engelbart of Stanford Research Institute and was actually a progress-review conference for a specific project. The subject under discussion was rich in detail and broad enough in scope that no one of the attendees, not even the host, could know all the information pertaining to this particular project."

California Speaks. Santa Ynez Valley Monitor, Jan 2, 1969. "With computers we hope to help man do better what he does -- perhaps by as much as 20 percent." -- Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart, Stanford Research Institute. 2c

Mentioning Doug 3

‘Broaden Your Outlook’ Computer Experts Told STEEL. In STEEL, May 2, 1966, pg. 45. 3a