Press: 1970s 0

Featuring Doug Engelbart 1

Articles 1a

Augmenting the human mind; An interview with Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart. Barbara Otto, The IMSAI-DER[Future Feature], December 1978. 1a1

Tymshare's AUGMENT heralding a new era. Patricia B. Seybold, The Seybold Report on Word Processing, October 1978. [more formats]. 1a2

Doug Engelbart and `the augmentation of intellect'. [article sent to DCE from the Computer Library, 1978]. 1a3

ARPAnet links computerized business world. SRI Intercom, April 11, 1975. 1a4

Knowledge workshops are his hope. Mike Merritt, Computerworld, 1973. 1a5

Thinking man's computer. Bill Stockton, Palo Alto Times, March 13, 1972. 1a6

Toward the decentralized intellectual workshop. Nilo Lindgren, Innovation, No. 24, September 1971. 1a7

Video/TV 1b

JCN Profiles: Visionary leaders of the information age. 22-min. VHS video cassette recording of Marc Doyle interviewing Douglas Engelbart for the Mind Extension University Education Network in March 1995.1b1


Featuring Doug with select others 2

Articles 2a

An office in your briefcase. Anon., Computer Weekly International, July 3, 1975. 2a1

Mentioning Doug 3

Articles 3a

ARPA dominates the networks discussion. Tim Palmer Reports on the Communication Networks Seminar at Sussex University. Computer Weekly, September 20, 1973. 3a1