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Featuring Doug Engelbart 1

Articles 1a

Student's work recognized by Menlo Park research institute, Baylor Proud, October 16, 2009.
Baylor University spotlights Doug Engelbart Institute's "Student Showcase" featuring Baylor Honors Student Philip Heinrich.

photo Doug and past recipients
Doug receives NMC Fellows Award
[photo courtesy Gardner Campbell]

Honorary Events:

Doug Engel­bart Receives 2009 NMC Fellows Award New Media Consor­tium. June 13, 2009.
"NMC Fellow Awarded June 2009 at NMC Summer Con­ference ..." Doug Engel­bart receives the highest award bestowed by the New Media Consortium...

NMC 2009 Closing Plenary: Dreams About How The World Could Be
Dr. Gardner Campbell. Gardner Writes, June 17, 2009. Gardner is one of three blogging from the NMC Awards Ceremony.

  Doug is celebrated on 40th anniversary of his 1968 demo [photo courtesy SRI]

Celebrating the 40th Anniver­sary of the "Mother of All Demos"

SRI Inter­na­tional Event Com­mem­o­rates 40th Anniver­sary of Seminal Demon­stration...
International Business Times. December 3, 2008.
"On that day in 1968 at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, Engelbart and his team in SRI's Augmentation Research Center (ARC) debuted numerous – and now ubiquitous – technology innovations ..."

The mouse turns 40: an interview with Paul Saffo ...
Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat, December 5, 2008.

Muted Celebration for Computing
Maggie Shiels, BBC News, December 10, 2008.

A Commitment to Complete the Work of Augmenting Human Intelligence
Patty Seybold, Outside Innovation, December 11, 2008.

The Valley Visionaries
Maggie Shiels, BBC News blog, December 12, 2008.

Logitech Ships Billionth Mouse
MarketWatch, December 3, 2008.
"Logitech's product innovations support Engelbart's vision of human-computer tools for interactive and collaborative work." In celebration of its billionth mouse ...

Firm makes one billionth mouse
Maggie Shiels, BBC News, December 3, 2008.

Top 50 Tech Visionaries
Christopher Null, PC World, May 18, 2008

Whatever Happened to...?, Bill Machrone. PC Magazine, June 21, 2006.1a140

The Dream of a Lifetime. Bill Joy. Technology Review, August, 2005.1a139

Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer visionary Doug Engelbart. Tom Foremski. Silicon Valley Watcher, June 10, 2005.1a138

A tribute to one of Silicon Valley's most influential and forgotten researchers at Xerox Parc event. Tom Foremski. Silicon Valley Watcher, June 9, 2005.1a137

A history of the GUI. Jeremy Reimer. Silicon Valley Watcher, May 5, 2005.1a136

A man, a mouse, a mission. Peter Burrows. Business Week, November 2, 2004.1a135

From mice to windows. Otis Port in the series, "The Great Innovators", Business Week, September 6, 2004, p.18.1a134

The man who built a better mouse trap. Michael Kanellos, CNET News.com, September 18, 2003.1a133

Engelbart takes bootstrapping quest to capital. Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News, October 12, 20021a132

1963-64: The invention of the mouse by Douglas Engelbart (EE, '55). David Pescovitz, Berkeley College of Engineering, Lab Notes, July 2002.1a135

Back Door: Q&A with Douglas Engelbart. William Van Winkle, Computer Power User, April 2002.1a134

Misunderstood pioneer: Douglas Engelbart's inventions outshone his KM research. Larry Stevens, Knowledge Management, August 2001.1a131

Of mouse and man: Computer mouse pioneer looks for faster way to help world solve its problems, Solarina Ho, San Francisco Chronicle, May 11, 2001.1a130

Glimpses of the past and visions of the future: The Douglas Engelbart story, The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Spring 2001, p. 22-23.1a129

The man who didn't get rich and other lessons from the information age, Richard Todd, Worth Magazine, May 2001.1a128

Long-distance thinker - Tech visionary Doug Engelbart still crusading for new ideas, Yung-pei Chen, The Argus, April 29, 2001.1a127

Computer Mouse Marks Birthday No. 20-- Or Is It No. 38? Dru Sefton, Newhouse News Service, April 26, 2001.1a126

Douglas Engelbart: Computer visionary seeks to boost people's collective ability to confront complex problems coming at a faster pace, Marion Softky, The Almanac, February 21, 2001.1a125

Internet pioneer lauded by computer scientists, Mark Shahinian, Palo Alto Daily News, December 21,2000.1a124

Inventor Douglas Engelbart, his vision helped make computers approachable, Michael Mink, Investor's Business Daily, December 6, 2000.1a123

Computer visionary wins national medal, --, Menlo/Atherton The Almanac, December 6, 2000.1a122

Technology medal honors man of the mouse, Carrie Kirby, San Francisco Chronicle, December 1, 2000.1a121

Internet pioneer is technologist, humanitarian, David Plotnikoff, San Jose Mercury News, November25, 2000.1a120

A conversation with Doug Engelbart. Eugene Eric Kim, Dr. Dobb's Journal, September 2000.1a119

Doug Engelbart has had plans for the Internet before it even existed. Susanna Stromberg, Red Herring (Profile), April 2000.1a118

We must leverage what we know - then leverage that, Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News, January 9,2000.1a117

Video/TV 1b


Featuring Doug with select others 2

Articles 2a

On The Town: A glimpse behind the research of a computing pioneer. Leigh Weimers, San Jose Mercury News, April 1, 2002, p. 3B.2a75

See how they run - The history, technology & future of mice. Kylee Dickey, Smart Computing, March 2002.2a74

We've been framed! Robert X. Cringely, PBS, The Pulpit, January 23, 2002.2a73

The making of the mouse. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Winter 2002, Vol. 17, No. 3.2a72

Computer mouse: Mice and men. Mark Fischetti, Scientific American, October 2001.2a71

The 20th Anniversary of the PC? - Well, sort of. Duncan Martell, PC Magazine/Technology - Reuters, August 8, 2001.2a70

Of mice and men: A history of personal computing. The Nickle Arts Museum, Curated by John Hails and Aaren Madden, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2001.2a69

The gods of tech. Alan Deutschman, Vanity Fair Magazine, July 2000.2a68

Startups: How we began. Julie Rose, Fortune Small Business, May-June 2000.2a67

The five most influential people in computing. Matt Lake, CNET.com, May 25, 2000.2a66

Here is an idea! Jill Rosenfeld, Fast Company, April 2000.2a65

"A century of technology," Steve Ditlea, Popular Mechanics/Special Collector Issue, January 2000.2a64

Video/TV 2b

We've been framed! (Readers respond with prior art invalidating the SBC web patent) Robert X. Cringely. PBS, January 23, 2001.2b4


Mentioning Doug

Articles 3a

How we began. Julie Rose, Fortune, April 17, 2000.3a29


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Articles 4a


Radio/TV 4b

PBS Nerd TV #11 Doug Engelbart - Inventor of the Computer Mouse, December 2005. 4b7

Special Events This Decade 11a

The Demo @40 "Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing"
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 'Mother of All Demos'
December 9, 2008

See Historic Events for more

Top Awards

Doug Engelbart is awarded the National Medal of Technology & Innovation, American Innovation Award, the Webby Award for Lifetime Achievement, and more. See Engelbart Awards for details.

Logitech Ships Its
Billionth Mouse

See Press Release, fun mouse facts, a cool mouse timeline, and Logitech Blog.

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