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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mouse Sperm

Clearly, the End is Nigh.    (01)

Knowledge Systems are implementing shared knowledge spaces amongst humans
and machines. Genetic and nano technologies are erasing boundaries between
all species animate and inanimate.    (02)

At least, the end of Homo Sapiens.    (03)

Malcolm Dean
Los Angeles    (04)

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> [just heard on NPR]
> US scientists have managed to implant testical material from other
> animals into mice, such that these mice can now produce sperm from
> their implanted animals' testes. They're (the scientists, not the
> affected mice, who would have likely as not have preferred their
> own sperm cells) considering this as a possible way of preserving
> a man's sperm should circumstances keep him from doing it himself.
> As opposed to some of the things we're discussing here, do we
> REALLY need this technology? And if you were a human child produced
> from sperm stored in a mouse, how would you answer that perennial
> jibe "are you a man or a mouse?" And wouldn't it make you just ITCH?
> And would you have a fear of cats? (et cetera ad nauseum...)
> e-gad.
> Murray
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