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[ba-unrev-talk] Kibosh Kontinues

Ok, Eric,    (01)

We're back online and I actually found that excerpt on
Redcaps from the folklore encyclopaedia, so here it is.  Read it before
a meal
if at all possible.    (02)

REDCAP (RED-cap)    (03)

Hideous and vile, redcaps are the stuff of nightmares. They
feared even
among the Kithain for their vulgar and disgusting ways.
seem to revel in others' terror; it is said that nightmares
them form, and
many bards believe it. Redcaps delight in taunting, insulting
and just plain
abusing mortals and fae alike, knowing that others fear
too much to punish
their deeds.    (04)

Originally known for their bloodstained wool caps, these
changelings are the
infamous servants of the Unseelie Court. At one time, a
of redcaps
known as the Host terrorized the countryside at night,
particularly on All
Hallow's Eve. Fortunately, most redcaps have abandoned the
grisly habit of
dyeing their hoods in human blood, though some are said to
continue this
practice.    (05)

Unlike trolls, redcaps intimidate people not with physical
strength, but with
sheer bad attitude. Their tempers are violent and their
Though few redcaps are outright stupid, fewer still are
They hold all
authority in contempt unless said authority beats their
in or flatters
them. Even the best of them fight dirty; the worst are
murderous thugs. There
may be some redeeming quality to these kith, but most
changelings never
bother to look.    (06)

Redcaps' determination may be their saving grace. Songs
tell of
redcaps slaying
dragons and other threats to the fae. They are prized as
bodyguards by
masters who can earn their respect and tolerate their
Such masteres are
advised to keep healers and custodians close.    (07)

Redcaps' appetites often rival their ferocity; they are
renowned for their
eating prowess and often indulge in gorging contests that
would make a shark
vomit. Fae lore calls them "bulldogs" and states that a
will is as
strong as his bite. Those actually bitten by redcaps shudder
the thought....    (08)

In bygone days these faeries bit the fingers from their
and wore the
bones for belts. Some Unseelie still practice this horror,
compound it by
leaving the victims alive to boot. Sidhe knights consider
redcaps and
honor and a duty; this makes life difficult for those few
follow the Seelie    (09)

Court insted of the dark one. Seelie redcaps do their best to
contain their
innate bloodlust and channel it toward nobler ends -- like
battling their own
Unseelie kind.    (010)

Appearance:    (011)

Redcaps tend toward stocky builds, with grayish, mottled
and thick bandy
legs. Even Seelie redcaps have horrid bloodshot eyes,
noses and
rubbery wrinkled faces. Worst of all are their ghoulish
filled with
yellowed, crooked, flat teeth used for grinding their prey to
pulp.    (012)