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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Robot horses for herding intelligent machines

Probably ought to talk to Dean Kaman (http://www.segway.com) about what you
envision.  GER  qeds    (01)

Gerald Pierce
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larens imanyuel wrote:
> The discussions of intelligent-machine/human
> interfaces don't generally transcend our customary
> categories of computers and anthropoid robots.
> History suggests some other possibilities.  For
> 6000 years horses were the major intelligent entity
> providing humans with with extra power and speed.
> Until the invention of the internal combustion engine
> they were used widely for general transportation,
> herding, plowing, and combat.
> A wide variety of intelligent machines are being
> designed with widely varying sizes, mobility, and
> transducers. Robotic "horses" would be very useful
> for dealing with these constellations of machines.
> I am, of course, referring to "horse" in its
> functional sense, rather than in external form.
> Thus, it would look more like an augmented
> wheelchair than an animal. It would provide transport
> at a building and neighborhood range, would provide
> power for tools, and would have a computer-human
> interface. In conjunction with wireless
> communications and human hands, it would provide a
> general purpose arrangement for herding intelligent
> machines, especially those not confined to the
> constraints of our campuses and production lines.
> larens
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