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[ba-unrev-talk] Palladium, and more

 From this page, the following is quoted:    (01)

"Last night I got security bulletin MS02-032 from Microsoft concerning 
Windows Media Player; there is a patch that fixes all previous 
vulnerabilities and three new vulnerabilities. As I started the 
installation of the patch, the End User License Agreement box popped up. 
Normally I don't even read these things, but this time I did. There was a 
fairly standard preamble followed by some bullet points; here is the text 
of the second point:"    (02)

" * Digital Rights Management (Security). You agree that in order to 
protect the integrity of content and software protected by digital rights 
management ("Secure Content"), Microsoft may provide security related 
updates to the OS Components that will be automatically downloaded onto 
your computer. These security related updates may disable your ability to 
copy and/or play Secure Content and use other software on your computer. If 
we provide such a security update, we will use reasonable efforts to post 
notices on a web site explaining the update. "    (03)

Slashdot is reporting that this represents a serious change in the MS Eula.    (04)