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[ba-unrev-talk] Coding has begun on ADM Version 2.0

Hi there,

Just a brief note to say that we have effectively begun coding - as of yesterday - version 2.0 of ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop.   This version will, amongst other things, be completely re-engineered around the World Wide Outline concept (  www.worldwideoutline.net ).  Our specification for vers. 2.0 includes: multiple and detachable windows for viewing multiple dataobjects of various types (adm textcards, files urls', etc.) simultaniously; webpage emulation capabilities in textcards (document cards) including integration of graphics and text, linking from documentsj and topics to all data types including *individual* adm topics in any datastructure on any server (!); and full interfile linking capabilities and record (topic) locking for collaborative work over networks.   A new classic collapsable outliner view will also be added for viewing data.  There will also be an adm server software product for enhanced use of adm by network based teams and other within organizations.

Stay tuned - and please share any glitches or bugs you may encounter in the current version.  (A new mainenance release - which will hoepfully correct such pesky problems - is due out in about 2 weeks.)


Eric Sommer, CEO, ADM 

Advanced Data Management Systems
Email: staff@adm21.net
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