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[ba-unrev-talk] Holland Lottery

Hey, I won too! That makes two of us Jack.
Oh wait, they said that if I told anyone, the
prize was forfeit.    (01)

And since they can't keep track of the 15 people
who are supposed to have won, I'm supposed to
use this big long identification number in my
correspondence to the claims person. Gosh. I
forgot it. Oh well.    (02)

But the really funny part was when they said I
had to keep the whole thing hush hush, *because
of a mixup in names* and to be sure to write the
email address they sent it to in big, bold letters!    (03)

Because, you know, 15 people, that's an awful lot
of people to keep track of...
:_)    (04)

On the serious side, I sure wish there were an
international spam patrol I could forward it to.
I'd just love knowing that some razor sharp
hackers were tracking the message down to it's
source, and gutting the perpetrator like a fish....
:__))    (05)