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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Interesting projects

The RSD (Really Simple Discoverability) idea at
http://archipelago.phrasewise.com/stories/storyReader$1330 sounds
interesting as a way to simplify setup of Wikis and Blogs. It may have wider
application.    (01)

Thanks,    (02)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (03)

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Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] Interesting projects    (04)

Have a look at:    (05)

   http://snipsnap.org/    (06)

another interesting project:    (07)

   http://tiki.org/    (08)

I'm currently looking for a CMS to handle lecturer/student
communication. The winner of my search will be run on a testbed of 2000
students to find out how well it works in practice.    (09)

I'm looking forwards to this part of my new job since this area is a
particular interest of mine. I can get involved in the development of
these tools as part of my daily job!    (010)

   spwhite@chariot.net.au    (011)