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[ba-unrev-talk] Structured Argument Tool?

Ok. I now have a great project for a structured argument
system (IBIS-style) or others.    (01)

Somewhere in to 20,000 emails I've seen in the last
couple of days are references to tools I might be able
to use for this project. But since there aren't any
semantic tags on those messages, and since I don't
recall their names, I'll have little hope finding them.    (02)

   What tools should I use?    (03)

The project, by the way, is "Who Wrote Shakespeare?"
There is a lot of argument and counter-argument, with
low-levels of supporting detail coupled to higher-level
propositions. It looks like a fun way to spend some
time.    (04)

The leading contenders are De Vere and Marlowe, but
some of the Stratfordian counter-arguments are strong
enough to be worth taking seriously.    (05)

The interesting thing I need in such a system is the ability to
"pin things down". After looking at "pro: xxx" and "con: yyy",
with various bits of evidence and counter-arguments for
each side, I need to pin down an answer, in some way, so
that the argument node reflects one of the following:
   * It is totally certain that...
   * There is a high degree of probability that...
   * It is likely that...
   * It could be true that...
   * It is probably not true that...
   * It is almost certainly not true that...
   * It is impossible that...    (06)