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[ba-unrev-talk] War protests

While undoubtedly there may be good reasons in the minds of people
protesting the war against Iraq (better named a war against Saddam et
al.), I strongly believe that the choice is not war or peace, but one of
war now or an even more terrible war later. I believe that British PM
Tony Blair expressed himself very well on that issue. Nevertheless, I
also grant that French premier Chirac has an important point in regard
to Islamic sentiments in the Near East, which, unfortunately, he has not
communicated  very well.     (01)

Not all of us have the same information at the root of our thinking and
sentiments - a case for the urgent development of ever more effective, 
publicly accessible technology.     (02)

I am saddened by the booing of the Stars and Stripes by hockey "fans" in
Montreal. They do not represent Canada at all, at all.    (03)

Henry    (04)