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Dear Aldo,    (01)

I think that you are right about those Americans who support the war
being bitter about the "European perspective"  so that perhaps those
"patriotic Americans" who oppose the war (I am one of them) are really
closer to what Nietzsche referred to as "good Europeans" --what we
might today call "good world citizens"--who envision perspectives that
transcend nationalisms.    (02)

But the following is an extraordinary insight: that not only are the three
very different "perspectives" that you outlined "caricatures," but that
there are in fact many, "partially overlapping and contradicting."    (03)

>AdM: Yet [in addition to the "American perspective"] there is a 'European perspective', that
>the goal of overthrowing Hussein may be just, but that negotiation is much
>more effective than brute force, and an Arab perspective, that this brute
>force is another insult to their pride leading to more US-domination.
>In fact, these three perspectives are caricatures: in reality there are a
>multitude, partially overlapping and contradicting. 
I have been thinking recently about how open-minded Henry has been in
considering various views of the conflict, but perhaps you nailed
the phenomenon in observing that:    (04)

>AdM: What Henry has made clear with his careful and valuable arguments, is that these conflicting
>perspectives can even exist in a single person's mind.
This kind of understanding can "elevate the discussion" considerably. (I 
also agree
with you that Henry's have been "careful and valuable arguments.")    (05)

Finally, to bring the discussion back to the purposes of this list is 
greatly to
be desired.    (06)

>AdM: To focus on the goals of this list: we need instruments that support
>clear argumentation on 'wicked issues' (e.g. IBIS), but equally
>important, those instruments should help identify - and compare - the
>perspectives from which these argumentations are produced.
Thank you for your several valuable insights.    (07)

Gary    (08)