Re: [unrev-II] DKR Development Strategy

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 12:36:38 PST

From: "John J. Deneen" <>

In regards to as a starting point, maybe our DKR development strategy can
consider reengineering the 1) Netsystem and 2) Electronic Notebook by
incorporating the concepts of the wireless technology for
context and situational-awareness on a global scale?

1) NetSystem - is an integrated system of World Wide Web (WWW) based
collaborative "groupware" tools that enable the secure "virtual" electronic
interaction of teams of professionals.

More info about the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and
Cooperation to use the Internet for electronic conferencing, part of a
proposed "virtual diplomacy" initiative for dealing with Environmental
Threats & National Security can be found at:

2) Electronic Notebook Software - is for scientists and engineers to do
remote experimentation and collaboration:

The bases of my request for a free copy of the electronic notebook software:

Mr. Geist,

As a former LLNL scientist and my consulting affiliation with the
Archimedes Project at Stanford
(, including
participation in Dr. Doug Engelbart's Colloquiun at Stanford concerning
an indepth look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
(, I'm following up on your offer for
a free copy of the electronic notebook software.

Based on my research on wireless Internet access technology for enabling
spatial and context-awareness for mobile computing in a Web-based
integrated scientific fieldwork environment, I intend to use this
software on education projects for local area schools and Boy Scouts.

I'm hoping to assist teachers and scout leaders in planning projects for
applying the electronic notebook software on experiments relative to the
following principal investigators guidance and goals of technology under

Dr. Sherry Hsi:

Dr. Jim Spohrer:

Dr. Rifaat Rozeik:

Neil Scott:

With great gratitude and respect,

-- John Deneen
VP, SATCOM Consultants, Inc.
(925) 229-1858
Mr. Geist's Reply:

An installed demo version you can play with and on-line help can be found at:

The latest version (1.10) is now available for download. The notebook
consists of a Perl-5 CGI script and library, a java applet sketchpad,
and some supporting GIF images.

No software needs to be installed on user's computers, only on the web

We have it bundled up as either a gzipped tar file, or as a ZIP file,
You can get them directly from:

The distribution includes
installation instructions for Windows and Unix systems and
describes options for customization to your particular needs.
Installed, the entire notebook package consumes less than 2 Mbytes
(most of this is the gifs).

Let us know if you run into any problems getting the
package or installing it.


Al Geist (
Noel Nachtigal (

ps. We would love to hear your thoughts on the utility of our
    electronic notebook software and potential improvements.

Eric Armstrong wrote:

> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> Jeff Miller wrote:
> > I too would like to see a system design discussed. specific examples
> > would be good.
> >
> > As a start, how about taking a specific document and comparing
> > possible methods on encoding, storage, searching, etc ? these are
> > generalised concepts. We could then move onto referring to specific
> > points (paragraphs, lines, sentences, words), annotating the document,
> > versioning, summarisation, etc?
> >
> > Anyone have a list of features we can test against to see if we meet
> > all the requirements?
> >
> > At the moment I'm leaning towards an xml encoding style...
> Hopefully my recent post on requirements can serve as a starting point.
> Dick Karpinski wrote:
> > I suggest that we seek as many useful sub-projects with tiny costs and
> > significant payoffs, that fit into the chosen general plan, as we can.
> > We should pay special attention to short term, low cost efforts.
> If we can come up with a design that allows development to proceed in
> this manner, we are liable to produce a winner.
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