[unrev-II] Responding to Hirohide Yamada

From: Mike Taylor (mzt10@amdahl.com)
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 08:38:51 PST

From: Mike Taylor <mzt10@amdahl.com>

Responding to Hirohide Yamada:

>But if the market does not realize the potential
>problems we face which now a days became huge and complicated as energy
>problem, what should we do. It is not conceivable that each company do
only money
>making and somebody else works on the problem and it gets solved as a whole.

Hirohide, this is where we come apart. For example, according to people's
serious and sincere best projections and estimates in the past, we should
be starving and enduring serious commodity shortages right now. But this is
not the case. The market has solved these problems. I have the reverse
problem. It is not conceivable to me that a knowledge base could encompass
the knowledge of all the market participants. It is clear that the best
opinion of all the energy market participants today is that the problems
are not as serious and immediate as some people claim. If they were,
intelligent people would be investing accordingly.

Markets do work. I must say that any theory that fails to acknowledge this,
and to take into account the human motivations of self-interest, is
seriously flawed, in my opinion. Quite frankly, I feel that a reliance on
centralized mechanisms to manage social problems is not only foolhardy but
very dangerous. The repeated failures of centrally-managed economies show

Central management elites believe that they know better than the unwashed
masses that compose markets. Time and time again they have been proven wrong.

>The proglem solving mechanizm has to be imbedded into everybody`s mind
>and infuluence the organizational behabiors. If Doug`s ABC mode, NIC and
>process can be applied recursively from day to day operational
organization to
>management of the company to community activity group to environmental
>organization for example as a chane, we can hope that the society as a whole
>can be directed to solving the problem. This is what I interpret Doug`s
>of the model and bootstrappig. Does this make sense?
I can certainly agree that where a group or organization has common goals
and basic agreements so that they can work together effectively, then
Doug's ideas can form a powerful tool. What I am trying to get at is that I
do not think Doug's tools will work where there is not a considerable level
of agreement on assumptions, goals and facts between the participants. That
is where the market, which resolves disagreements by allowing participants
to take positions based on their views (different views are essential for a
market - at the market price there is a buyer and a seller and the buyer
must see more value than the seller) functions.

Mike T.

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