Re: [unrev-II] Responding to Hirohide Yamada

From: Hirohide Yamada (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 14:46:36 PST

From: Hirohide Yamada <>

Mike Taylor wrote:
> From: Mike Taylor <>
> Hirohide, this is where we come apart. For example, according to people's
> serious and sincere best projections and estimates in the past, we should
> be starving and enduring serious commodity shortages right now. But this is
> not the case. The market has solved these problems. I have the reverse
> problem. It is not conceivable to me that a knowledge base could encompass
> the knowledge of all the market participants. It is clear that the best
> opinion of all the energy market participants today is that the problems
> are not as serious and immediate as some people claim. If they were,
> intelligent people would be investing accordingly.

I agree we should rely on the market decision at the end. I think Doug`s model
is designed so that it does not force social value and rather make people think
toward society problems and apply technology and organizational behaviors
toward minimizing potential problems which some people think energy but
some people think something else. According to the personal value system of
 people, they will form different NIC chains and it will as a result form a
community. The participant in a particular community is voluntary ,not forced.
With the current networking technology and DKN, we should be able to form
virtual communities that were not possible in the past and this will give market
choices which did not exist in the past.
> I can certainly agree that where a group or organization has common goals
> and basic agreements so that they can work together effectively, then
> Doug's ideas can form a powerful tool. What I am trying to get at is that I
> do not think Doug's tools will work where there is not a considerable level
> of agreement on assumptions, goals and facts between the participants.

If a CEO of a company belongs to a NIC and influenced by the NIC, then his drive
of the organizational behavior could be influenced. He/She could make this drive
stronger by forming sub NICs in his organization. Since a CEO will do this in line
 with his/her personal value system, the organizatinal behavior will have a chance
to be influenced by CEO`s personal value system and produce more environmentally
concerned produts for example. If this fits to market, this NIC will survive, but if
the outcome is not accepted by the market, that NIC chain will die eventually. This
way, I think Doug`s model can be used to change common goals and basic agreement
of a organization or group in addition to make existing ones more efficiently.

> Mike T.
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