RE: [unrev-II] Mental Arthmetic, Calculators, and Armageddon

From: Clark Quinn (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 16:43:19 PST

From: Clark Quinn <>

>[Off topic, sorry...]

but such fun....

>Sounds like grist for a sci-fi story. A separate, "backup" society is
>maintained that does everything the old way. They still add, subtract, read,
>and write. They are there just in case "the lights go out". They are
>segregated so that they can never learn that there is an easier way.
>The moral dilemma... They also can't benefit from knowledge that they
>couldn't discover. So, they are still allowed to die of cancer and heart
>attacks even though their keepers have found cures.

Nah. You design a culture with a coherent mythology that allows 'miracles', and prevents progress, that they can be embedded in. The issue is dealing with mythological 'drift'. -- Clark

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