RE: [unrev-II] Mental Arthmetic, Calculators, and Armageddon

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 06:28:51 PST

From: "Bill Bearden" <>

I wasn't going to bring up the religious/mythological angle. I have already
put my foot in my mouth over the word "spirituality".

But since _you_ mentioned it... :-)

My way of dealing with that in the story would be to make the goal of the
belief system to gain knowledge. The story would follow someone who, through
intelligence and hard work, gets "promoted" from the backup society to the
modern society. Perhaps this person's extraction is portrayed as a
'miracle'. The moral dilemma is how this person deals with the knowledge of
both societies.

> From: Clark Quinn <>
> >[Off topic, sorry...]
> but such fun....
> Nah. You design a culture with a coherent mythology that allows
> 'miracles', and prevents progress, that they can be embedded in.
> The issue is dealing with mythological 'drift'. -- Clark
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> Clark Quinn
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