[unrev-II] Something to Contribute, At Last: MG Taylor & "Group Genius" (collaboration & innovation on demand)

From: John \ (johnwerneken@netzero.net)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 22:46:22 PST

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    From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <johnwerneken@netzero.net>

    Maybe you've all seen this but if you have not, I find it as exciting as the
    DKR concept.

    A proven-in-the-business-world methodology for a somewhat willing group to
    be brought to intense, innovative, breakthrough collaboration. Requires
    three days of the principal's time.

    http://www.foresight.org/Updates/Update37/Update37.2.html < Foresight used
    it! And Doug participated!

    http://www.foresight.org/SrAssoc/99Gathering/lta_toc.html < Foresight wrote
    a book about it! Available in full on-line!

    http://www.mgtaylor.com/ < And of course the practitioners have a web site!

    Having been a fairly successful although more-or-less amateur facilitator
    for 34 years, I can tell you these concepts hit me like Alamogordo.

    Certainly speaks directly to the concept of "improving the capability for
    bettering decision methods".

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