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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 08:45:49 PDT

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    3:05 AM!? Rod, do you ever sleep?

    I actually have a great time roaming the welchco web site, but I occasionaly have fits of discomfort with some of what I see. I suspect that this discomfort provokes early comments I have on the stream-of-consciousness (highly linked, mind you) that I see there.

    What I see is Rod's opinions mixed with links to other opinions, linked ultimately to original sources. My discomfort arises when I see the copy-sent citations. IMO, these are not germain to the thread at hand, and in some cases, are personal and need not be displayed on the web.

    I have no discomfort with the opinions I see expressed, though it is worth noting that I do not necessarily agree with some of the conclusions drawn or associations made; that, then, is where I would wish to begin one of the Knowledge Representation threads of the future with respect to what it is we wish to represent. To anticipate, I am thinking along the lines of how opinions are, in fact, to be represented. They should be captured, but I suspect they cannot be the sole body of experience and inference represented, and there will have to always be more than one opinion set captured.

    In effect, the welchco site gives appearances of being one persons giant neural network, complete with narrative -- a kind of "granny cell" network. There may be merit to that approach, and there may be alternatives we have not yet thought of. The welchco site is a rather detailed personal journal. An early question derived from this observation is this: do we want to capture personal journals in the DKR?

      From: Rod Welch
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      Jack Park wrote:

        It is said that before there can be progress, some tortoise must stick its
        neck out. If we were to extrapolate from that, sticking one's neck out
        means asking the right question, the one that sets off a fleury of activity
        that leads to the paradigm shift reported to already be in progress. What,
        then, was the question asked?
        I have some powerful intellectual disabilities, one of which is the ability
        to find and ask the first question. I can only repeat secondary questions,
        as I did here. If somebody can formulate the very first question, then we
        will have something to go on.


        From: Jon Winters <>

    > On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Jack Park wrote:
    > > Jon,
    > >
    > > I see the question too, which is why I repeated it here. I also see the
    > > response you offered as well. In fact, I am probing for something a
    > > deeper than that (another paradigm shift?). I'll confess, I don't know
    > > there is anything deeper for which to probe, but the effort might
    > > something.
    > I'll help if I can. Do you have any more specific questions?
    > You're right about a paradigm shift... its already starting to happen.
    > --
    > Jon Winters

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