Re: [unrev-II] Use Case...Competing Reductions

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 21:02:44 PDT

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    Sounds good. Seems like this process occurs everyday. Adding technology to
    boost the ability to accomplish should be helpful.

    I remain troubled by the idea of "replacing." Summarizing or synthesizing seem
    appropriate, but why does it require replacing, which sounds like we get rid of
    part of the record that led to taking action of some kind.

    What is the rationale for replacing, rather than using the underlying record as
    "intellectual capital?" If we replace, then we lose the opportunity to go back
    and come up with alternate constructs, or summaries. I am not hung up on this.
    Whatever makes the most sense technically and helps us handle daily working
    information better is fine.


    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > I think the problem is the use of the word "summary".
    > A more accurate title would be more like "reduction by
    > version replacement" -- not a "summary" in the sense of
    > eliminating all detail to get a high level view, but an
    > "codified version", usually introduced with a phrase like,
    > "let me try to summarize the issues here", which condenses
    > a wandering discussion, eliminating the extraneous and
    > pinpointing the important statements.
    > This thread is going to be a great example. At the end,
    > there should be a better formulation of the case. That
    > reformulation then needs to *replace* the total discussion
    > in the high level view of the archive.
    > Note that the reformulation is still likely to be a
    > hierarchy. When that hierarchy replaces this one, the
    > result is a condensed version, hopefully a readable and
    > well-organized one.
    > Also: The term "reduction" might need to be replaced by
    > "abstraction", or something similar. The point being that
    > the next reader doesn't have to follow the whole chain
    > of reasoning, but can start with the conclusion, only
    > going deeper if interested.
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