RE: [unrev-II] Re: Intel's new XML network devices

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 14:09:08 PDT

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    > I wasn't aware of Apache/Jetspeed and Apache/JAMES. What are they?
    > Are they WebLog/server systems like Zope, or something else?

    Probably too late for consideration but...

    Apache is a big name in the OSS world. Douglas' name is the BI's biggest
    marketing asset. Just looking for an angle...:-)

    Apache has lots of projects going and that means lots of developers. Perhaps
    lots of possibilities for building on top of the work of all those
    developers. Perhaps a few developers who would work on an OHS-type project.

    From the Java Apache site:

        "Jetspeed is an Open Source implementation of an Enterprise Information
    Portal (or Web Based Groupware). Jetspeed attempts to consume information
    from multiple resources on the Internet and helps the user manage large
    amounts of data."
        "JAMES is a 100% pure Java Mail Server which implements our Mailet
    (similar to Servlet) technology to provide a powerful mail based application
    server. It is based on the Avalon server framework."
    Bias alert... I am interested in Java development. If the rest of the group
    isn't, these aren't the way to go.

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