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Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 08:20:54 PDT

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    Great, Henry,
    That is the first hard part, assembling a file... Show me what you are
    doing and maybe I can help. I'm just trying to get important material
    out there in a more convenient form than email to attract some specific
    comments. Tell me if you want to move anything I have to another
    location and (if necessary) I will help you.

    For example, the References that Eric mentioned in his Requirements.
    Please help me find messages that he is talking about so we can
    consolidate them and thnk about adding the comments and descriptions
    that he requested.

    Upward and Onward!
    Best Regards,

     Message From: Henry 
    Thank you, Joe, for the info.
    I am assembling a file on the project discussions for possible...
    Forward with the revolution!

    Alternative Interface Devices.
    Improve Accessibility and Utility of the WWW...

    Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.
    Remember the good 'ol days

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