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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 12:47:43 PDT

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    Well, Joe, on the "revolution" end of things, my priority is to convert the
    unedited Colloquium transcripts into a better form by paragraphing them and
    editing them, plus immediately related work. Strange as that may sound, it
    has turned out to be a surprisingly large job. In the meantime, I am, among
    other things, storing an extra set of the OneList discussion files, of which
    there are now about 1200. Security is one reason, but also I think it might
    be quite interesting to extract from those threads or assemblies of threads
    certain especially germane content. Notably (1) all the content that
    directly bears on the development work leading to the OHS -- false starts
    included and (2) material other than strictly emanating from Doug that also
    bears on the area of knowledge management; on information selection and
    evaluation, etc.

    I am guessing that by editing item-1 things down to the bone (and
    referencing to source material), we may get a readable body of facts,
    thoughts and experiences that may be put to good use later on, after the
    first prototype OHR has been established. There may be strands of thinking
    that have been, or are being set aside, for the sake of expediency that may
    be used for later refinements, etc. Maybe, I am dead wrong. And maybe the
    OHR itself will be helpful in doing that work. I simply haven't had the time
    and the expertise of following things other than taking occasional sideways
    glances at what's going on.

    As for item-2, i.e. those posts and references to materials with related
    objectives, it would be interesting to have digests of those "non-bootstrap"
    lines of thinking. Who knows what may be derived from them to provide a
    healthy cross-pollination of ideas.

    Both pieces of work ought be handled so that the products are readable and
    attract interest. I wonder what useful role Frode Hegland's unrev-2 site may
    play in these things.

    These are just some private, back-in-the-head thoughts. And, as usual, they
    tend to bite off far more than I can chew.

    Henry wrote:

    > Great, Henry,
    > That is the first hard part, assembling a file... Show me what you are
    > doing and maybe I can help. I'm just trying to get important material
    > out there in a more convenient form than email to attract some specific
    > comments. Tell me if you want to move anything I have to another
    > location and (if necessary) I will help you.
    > For example, the References that Eric mentioned in his Requirements.
    > Please help me find messages that he is talking about so we can
    > consolidate them and thnk about adding the comments and descriptions
    > that he requested.
    > Upward and Onward!
    > Best Regards,
    > Joe
    > Message From: Henry
    > Thank you, Joe, for the info.
    > I am assembling a file on the project discussions for possible...
    > Forward with the revolution!
    > Henry
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    > Improve Accessibility and Utility of the WWW...
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