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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:12:49 PDT

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    > How do the three users use a DKR to attack this problem?
    > I don't see it. Worse yet, most of the serious problems
    > that I am aware of, seem to fit this pattern.
    I don't think that any mechanism in the world will help
    people resolve issues that stem from fundamentally disparate
    goals. Any communication vehicle that helps them reach
    agreement on goals, however, is likely to be of some help,
    although no panacea.

    Along those lines, I was watching on the PBS the other
    day where the Monterey Bay was home to a huge shrimp
    fishing industry. It seems they were raking in profits
    that quite literally makes today's startups look

    Although warned repeatedly that they would have to cut
    back the "harvest", or else they would destroy the
    source, they chose profits and jobs. Result: An immediate
    and sudden decline 10 years later, when the shrimp
    literally "ran out".

    That reminded me of Easter Island, where the indigenous
    civilization killed itself off by using up all the trees.

    Which we reminded me that we are doing the same thing in

    Which made me wonder, once again, if we as a species are
    really smart enough to survive. Our doom is rushing upon
    us, and we are too witless to realize it.

    Unlike Monterey Bay or Easter Island, once we have done it
    to the planet, we will have nowhere to go.

    Although some lay claim to some form of "intelligent
    capitalism" which is supposed to spring into effect to
    husband our resources, I really don't see it. There are
    too many forces at work that are under too little control.

    I continue to hope, so I do what I can in the way of
    creating systems that will help us argue out dilemmas
    like the one you suggest. But I really, really wonder...
    (At times like this, it pays not to be too analytical.)

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