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Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 20:11:52 PST

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    Some thoughts on the current situation.

    From: "Jack Park"
    > After reviewing Rod's web site based on his 11/28/00 post here, and this
    > post, I am inclined to offer the following comments.
    > Thus far, we have two volunteers (that is, ones that I happened to notice
    > explicitly doing so):
    > Michael Crusoe (Kedron the Jester)
    > John W. Burroughs
    > Having worked on the XTM (XML Topic Maps) standard which will be presented
    > to the public next week at XML 2000, I am strongly biased in the direction
    > of something other than summaries of our postings. Rod has already done
    > most of that. Let me suggest all readers visit this web site:

    <snip topic map walk through>

    > I would therefore propose that one of the *very first* thangs to do within
    > the OHS group is this: build a damn good Topic Map implementation and
    > it to the hypermail, plus all other web sites and writings about OHS and
    > related stuff. Done properly, the tool will have the ability to suck up
    > pages and add them to the TM automatically when given keyword prompts by
    > users. That way, all those URLs we have been passing around will now get
    > sucked up into the vast BootstrapNavigator archives and become immediately
    > useful to all who would take a journey through the system.
    > Indeed, such a tool is envisioned (at least by me) as a natural part of an
    > OHS system.
    > Jack

    The following methods of summarizing what we have discussed and learned on
    the unrev-II list have been presented.

    1) zWiki ( A easy-to-use server based and
    proven group collaboration tool with no client-side or editor tools to
    download/install. However (as far as I know) it lacks any automation tools.

    2) Topic Maps (see the URLs in this thread) Server based summary and
    knowledge arrangment tool. Requires some sort of editor tool. Appears to be
    easy to use, though I haven't played with it yet.

    3) Misc.: Manual summaries, regular databases, Hypermail archieve,'s news bits and editorials.

    We are concerned with summarizing to check our understanding, offer a
    reference, and speed up the introduction of new members.

    From where I stand I would recommend using Topic Maps to organize existing
    information (the Hypermail archieve) but add no new content. Then the zWiki
    can be used for summaries of important concepts and keep for
    editorials, news and non-email archieves. Note this is only for the
    short-term, I am aware of the desire to eventually put everything under the
    domain of

    I would like to start on summarizing this list ASAP pending input from
    everybody else. Obviosly we will re-do parts of this in the future but I
    think that it is important to summarize and organize what we've discussed
    already, who we are, and were we are going.

    I offer myself as an editor for zWiki pages (which I hope to continue to do)
    and as a facilitator for topic mapping, though I have no experience with the


    Michael Crusoe
    Student at large

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