Re: [unrev-II] Beginnings of Augment Ontology

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Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 20:54:37 PST

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > Folks, having now gotten through Frode
    > Hegland's writeup at
    > I can tell you that the Solutions section
    > is, in point of fact, a meticulous writeup
    > of Augment's functionality.
    > Jack and Howard:
    > His writeup may be the most succinct expression
    > of Augment's functionality you are likely to
    > come across. It may, therefore, be the best
    > possible start for your Ontology excavations.
    > The solutions section of the document, like the
    > introductory materak, appears quite clearly to be
    > Doug speaking.

    Well ... you might want to have a look at the CoDIAK
    doc too:
    Frankly I declined to get it until it was explained to
    me diagram by diagram.
    > My reactions to that are mixed. If this truly is
    > the OHS spec, then, in actuality, it is the Augment
    > spec. That is not necessarily a bad thing. But if
    > so, then I am somewhat chagrined at how much time
    > I (we) spent trying to work a process (any process)
    > to define a solution, when the result was
    > foreordained.

    Not sure it is foreordained. Doug is more focussed
    on endusers than code. In code his main mania is solid
    architecture. There is room to move in other areas,
    as long as the work meets the "solid" and "useful"
    standards. Of course he has notions about what is
    useful. I usually learn these notions are pretty well
    thought out. But perhaps not always.

    > Much as I admire and agree with the goals of this
    > group, I confess to being mystified by the lack
    > of process.

    Doug moves in mysterious ways, some of the oldtimers
    have told me, but some things emerge from the swirl.
    I don't entirely get it myself, but am willing to
    wait and see.



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