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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 15:50:24 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > Modal logic (couldBe, willBe, etc), conceptual drift, a lot of the
    > things you mention here are indeed important to the work of an
    > OHS-like system.
    I'm afraid this observations leads me right back to wondering,
    what in the heck is an OHS? If something "OHS-like" contains
    mechanisms for modal logic, et al, then an "OHS" is a heck of
    a lot more than I had conceived it to be.

    I'd be a lot more comfortable if we could distinguish things
      * DKR -- Dynamic Knowledge *Repository*
      * DKE -- Dynamic Knowledge Engine
               (where I would see modal logic, etc.)
      * OHS -- Open HyperDocument System.
               Precursor to, but not sufficient for, a DKR.
      * OCS -- Open Collaboration System
               Possibly, but not necessarily, built on an OHS.

    That's an off-the-cuff depiction of basic things I *think*
    we have been mingling together in our discussions.

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