Re: [unrev-II] Email based on invitation & introduction

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 16:02:16 PDT

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    > Rejection:
    > Who or what part or the group initiates the rejection letter?
    The list admin.

    > How did the rejectee get on the list in the first place?
    The list admin's automated brother.

    > Does the introducer of the rejectee get rejected too?
    Nope. Unless the list admin decides (based on feedback from
    others, I would expect) that the introducer is a turkey who
    has brought in fellow turkeys 10 times too often.

    > If you have a decent email client you can do this personallly,
    > although...
    The phrase "you can do this" is something I have heard from developers
    since time immemorial. It translates to "I don't see any particular
    need for this, so I haven't automated it, but you can always do
    it yourself, if you want". I've heard it applied to word processors
    (you can always word wrap the text yourself) and programming languages
    (you can always do object-style programming in Fortran), and to
    every application under the sun.

    When the right sort of mechanisms become powerful enough and easy
    enough to use, they spread like wildfire. You were always able to
    total up columns with a calculator. But when spreadsheets became
    available, people beat a path to their door.

    I suspect that a mechanism which totally eliminates spam, but
    which allows connections to be made (by way of introductions and
    shared memberships) could have a similar adoption curve. It would
    use the same email addresses and email transports. It could even
    use existing HTML-based email clients (so that Javascript buttons
    can be added to messages). But it would add functions to the
    server (possibly made accessible on HTML pages, until clients get
    around to incorporating them).

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