[unrev-II] Fwd: World Wide Mind - project status info

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 15:11:46 PDT

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    An applet that allows construction of ontologies is listed in the body
    below. By tracking around his web site, I uncovered another one at
    visual mind works.

    The applet described below is available for download for free, but not for
    commercial use without a license. It is not open source, but the API is
    documented so that you can use the jar file as a library and extend the
    functionality. The applet can run standalone or within a servlet, the
    source code for which is included.


    These are worth looking at.

    >From: "Anton Kolonin" <akolonin@yahoo.com>
    >To: <gbrain@listserv.vub.ac.be>
    >Dear colleagues,
    >Three years ago, "World Wide Mind" project was launched.
    >- To create the working model of distributed interactive knowledge base on
    >- To allow connected users interactively maintain their private subsets of
    >knowledge within global knowledge base
    >- To force the generalization of private knowledge subsets into global
    >- To support the knowledge exchange feature by knowledge subsets merging
    >between private knowledge's
    >- Mind definition language, based on such a languages as Lisp, Prolog,
    >Smalltalk, SQL
    >- High-level knowledge exchange protocol to allow knowledge exchange
    >engines communicate one with other
    >- Real-time client-server knowledge exchange engine running on any machine
    >in the internet
    >- 2-D or 3-D interactive graphics tool to allow visual maintaining of the
    >distributed knowledge
    >Here is announcement that software, server-side support and even some basic
    >documentation (in broken English ;-) are available for the wide public at
    >There are stilll a lot of things to improve
    >- in documentation
    >- in the code
    >- in the web site design
    >but all of the major components are there and
    >software is tested using Win and UNIX platforms.
    >Thank you for your attention,
    >Anton Kolonin

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