Re: [unrev-II] SingularityWatch on Engelbart

From: Jack Park (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 08:03:23 PDT

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    But wait! There's more...talking about David Gelernter in the same issue:

    "This brilliant computer scientist (also an unfortunate target of the
    unabomber) is a Smart One you should definitely know about. As Futurist Jim
    Pinto points out in his newsletter ( , Gelernter
    has a new rant posted at the always-topical on the
    future of computers: "The Second Coming: A Manifesto." There are
    some interesting ideas here on the evolution of interfaces and ubiquitous
    computation, but be warned: David's writing style is quite similar to Doug
    Englebart's, or Ted Nelson's (another father of hypertext), or a handful of
    other top computer visionaries we could name: they write in a manner that
    is a good deal too abstract and (from this mortal's perspective)
    unprioritized even though they always refer to a core of undeniably
    brilliant ideas."

    At 07:57 AM 7/5/2001 -0700, you wrote:
    >The following is a clip from a SingularityWatch that just cam in my email:
    >"For more on Englebart's vision of "Collective IQ":
    > Reading this, however, you see the
    >difficulty: Collective IQ means so many things to so many people. We need
    >to take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding it. One effort in
    >that direction is Englebart's "Unfinished Revolution" Colloquium at
    >Stanford in 2000
    >Unfortunately, the archive is uneven. It's a bit too abstract, top-down
    >"this is how things should be" type pronouncements, and not enough "here
    >are many examples of good incremental advances." But cyber-pioneer
    >Englebart, inventor of the mouse, father of hypertext, is always worth a
    >Also from the newsletter:
    >"SingularityWatch Mission Statement:
    >To share news, events, and editorials helpful to:
    >1.Understanding our accelerating progression to the singularity,
    >2.Investing in its balanced development,
    >3.Improving human interdependence and ethics as we approach the transition.
    >Reported for the educated nonspecialist audience.
    >Understanding Accelerating Change"
    >I think his comments are worth discussing.
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