[unrev-II] TechKnowLogia, an online periodical

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 08:32:48 PDT

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    Here is an excerpt from a message I got from TechKnowLogia, to which I had
    subscribed (free)...

    "the July/August 2001 Issue has been posted on the web:
    http://www.TechKnowLogia.org. You do not need to register again.
    The thematic focus of this Issue is on TECHNOLOGY FOR SOCIAL ACTION. We
    invite you to visit the site and enjoy the wealth of informative and
    engaging articles (all 19 of them!) written by top experts in this field.
    The May/June 2001 Issue has been moved to the ARCHIVE on our web site, to
    be searched and read at any time.
    For your information, we have included below the annotated Table of
    Contents of the July/August 2001 Issue.
    We also wish to alert you that the thematic focus of the September/October
    Our system is set up to send this announcement to every registrant of the
    Journal. If you registered more than once, you will receive as many
    mailings. Therefore, we URGE you not to register multiple times. If you
    have forgotten your username or password, please DO NOT register again.
    Simply go to the HELP section of the web site and follow the instructions
    provided. Our internal automated system will retrieve your username and/or
    password and send it directly to your email account. Also if you want to
    change your username or password or make other changes in your account
    information go to the REGISTRATION SECTION and follow the instructions
    In order for us to continue to offer the journal free to our subscribers,
    we are inviting organizations, institutions and firms to co-sponsor one or
    more issues of the Journal and/or advertise their products and services in
    the Journal. (For more information on how to sponsor or advertise, please
    click on the respective buttons on the home page.)
    We hope that TechKnowLogia continues to meet your needs as a source of
    knowledge and inspiration. To extend the benefits to others, please bring
    it to the attention of your colleagues, co-workers or anyone whom you think
    may be interested in this kind of journal."

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