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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 15:48:39 PDT

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    Tough question. I've wondered about it myself. The answer that occurs
    to me lies in the search system. It could be that search returns all
    with some earmarked as "forgotten". (Probably at the end of the list,
    not necessarily.)

    On the other hand, the stuff available via browsing would be stuff that
    least one person has seen fit to view in the last year. (A link would
    qualify as "viewed", at all times. So maybe entire graphs would become
    invisible, if none of the parts had been accessed??)

    Making stuff like that available via search works, I think, because I
    probably never find it without doing a search anyway.

    And anything that had been "promoted" would probably be invulnerable
    to the disappearance/invisibility criteria, absent "kryptonite".
    material would have been promoted to superperson status, which would
    require the kryptonite privilege to retire it.)

    Them's off the head thoughts, at any rate.

    Gil Regev wrote:

    > The subject of forgetting is really complex. Time based forgetting is
    > not perfect. It often happens to me that I don't use some piece of
    > information for a year or two and then suddenly find it very useful
    > and I'm happy I didn't discard it. Relevance based forgetting is
    > equally imperfect since what has not seemed relevant for a long time
    > may seem very relevant tomorrow. Forgetting is a basic human
    > capability but do machines need to have it? Aren't they supposed to
    > fix our deficiencies rather than mimic us?

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