Re: [unrev-II] Eugene's work: A FAQ-index into an argument

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 00:50:24 PDT

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    On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > * There are thousands of words in the unrev archives that may
    > never see the light of day, because its just to damn hard to
    > find anything. This mechanism could provide the answer to
    > that problem.

    This was really the main reason I decided to experiment with dialog
    mapping of e-mail in the first place. A lot of valuable information is
    hidden in e-mail archives. Dialog mapping is an effective way of
    converting this raw data into organizational memory.

    The fact that dialog mapping serves as a nice way to direct discussion is
    icing on the cake. (However, it wasn't entirely unexpected. I was
    heavily influenced by Jeff Conklin's IBIS workshop, where Jeff made an
    effective case for dialog mapping as a facilitation technique in
    face-to-face meetings.)

    > * The archives are plinked (purple numbered). But Eugene has
    > the modified mail server to do that as messages are archived,
    > as well as tools to plink past archives.

    I recently founded the OHS Launch Community as a way to experiment with
    various tools and methodologies. I'll post more about it later, as I'd
    like it if some members of this list joined.

    I limited my experiment to the OHS LC's mailing list rather than unrev-ii
    for a number of reasons. First, people on this list use a variety of
    e-mail clients, and my plinking software is very dumb. With a more
    constrained community, I don't have to worry about people formatting their
    e-mails in bizarre ways that render my plinking software useless.

    > * It takes a lof of effort to build the map.

    This is the other reason I didn't experiment with this list. Dialog
    mapping can be hard. Simply creating a dialog map of Eric's e-mail
    requires a considerable amount of time (although probably less than the
    time Eric needed to construct the e-mail).

    > * One thing the system needs to do is to post links to the
    > summarized information. Those links would "complete the
    > circle" -- the index has pointers into the email archive, and
    > the messages would have responses that point to where the
    > information is summarized. The most important result of such
    > notification pages would be the ability to click a link to see
    > how a discussion I have been part of was summarized -- in
    > case I want to make changes. (Or maybe become further
    > enlightened.)

    Yes. It wouldn't be too difficult to hack a back-link database for links
    between the dialog map and the e-mail archive. However, I'm starting to
    feel the urge to stop hacking and to start building real software.


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