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From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 12:43:13 PDT

In message <>, Eugene Er
ic Kim writes:
>For some strange reason, messages sent to the unrev-ii list and cc'd to
>this list don't seem to come through to this one. So for the information
>of those on this list and not on unrev-ii...
>A group of us have been getting together for several months now,
>discussing the OHS both online (on the unrev-ii egroups mailing list) and
>in person at Menlo Park. We decided to shift discussion to a separate
>mailing list, and because this one was already available, we decided to
>use this one.
>I'm not sure who's on this list -- it's been dormant for a long time --
>but if you're interested in building the OHS, and have not followed recent
>progress, please, make yourself known. Looking forward to some good

Strangely too...

Notice the Sender field above. It says that it is coming from I tend to like to use this field for
filtering so it would be much nicer if it were owner-ohs-dev.

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