Re: N^2 Interface Diagram

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 15:28:29 PDT

* Eugene Eric Kim <> [000804 18:18]:
> In case you didn't see the announcements on the unrev-ii list, Grant
> posted an N^2 Interface Diagram based on yesterday's architecture
> diagram on the Wiki, with modifications from Lee, at:

I got a little carried away, but it's a good cause. Please take a look
at this interface page now. Lee, I moved most of your comments into the
first column and I hope made the whole thing much more readable. I also
added linkes from this diagram to Eugene's diagram and vica-versa. I
hope they synch up fairly closely.

If we use links from each of the Numbers or Letters, this could be a
great way to keep everyone coordinated with design documents. I tried
to flesh out the items, but they will likely each need their own page as
implementations develop.

I encourage anyone to edit this and link out to detail documents. BCL
<> (sorry but I didn't see your first name anywhere)
can you add your document to the wiki and link it into the Interface


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