Re: call for volunteers

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 12:50:46 PDT

On 5 Aug 2000, Grant Bowman wrote:

> Well, unofficially I think people percieve a heirarchy based on amount
> of time contributed. Is it more accurate to say that there are no
> specifically delegated responsibilites and/or sub-project authorities?

Yes, other than the facilitation of our Thursday meetings, which Doug
asked me to do.

Incidentally, Bootstrap Alliance recently hired me as a contractor to help
with some operational and strategic stuff. However, stuff pertaining
directly to OHS development do not fall under my contractual
responsibilities, and so everything I'm doing for this group is purely on
a volunteer basis, same as everyone else.

I wanted to make this very clear, because although I may have been the
noisiest person on this list so far (a mantle I hope others will inherit
very soon :-), the reason we have progressed as much as we have is that a
lot of volunteers have made tremendous contributions in time and effort,
much of which has been largely behind the scenes. I cannot say enough
about these people's contributions.

I repeat this because I think it's very important, and I want to drive it
into people's heads. If you want to contribute, please do. At these
early stages, you may feel that you are limited in how you can
contribute. However, don't let that discourage you from following the

At the very least, this is an opportunity to learn from the vast amount
of experience and knowledge we have on the list. If you're curious and
self-motivated, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn a helluva lot,
and I've found that everyone in our group has been more than willing to
share their expertise.

At the most, you may find that at a later point, a project will come along
that fits your abilities and desires perfectly, and that will help our
efforts tremendously.

> A core group of people will naturally coalese and people will adapt
> accordingly. Right now I propose we leave permissions wide open to all
> participants (and outside people when possible) until we have a need to
> change this. I hope we never have to.


> I went ahead and transferred this list with comments, guestimated dates
> and initial members to the task list section of SourceForge. I think
> it's publically editable, but can someone confirm this? I hope I am not
> presuming too much by doing this, but I think everyone can benefit from
> the visibility of actions and implementors. Maybe we can get inquiries
> going from outside people more quickly.

Cool. Thanks for setting this up, Grant.


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