OHS-EC Requirement: Import/Export

From: ncarroll (ncarroll@inreach.com)
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 17:55:36 PDT

Speaking like an uniformed prospective user:

How do I bring all my old email into the OHS-EC (email client)? I'm
pretty reluctant to leave it all behind.

How do I get my email *out* of the EC. After all, free email clients at
Yahoo and Iname really suck, and maybe this is more of the same. What
if I don't like your product, huh? You're not going to trick me with
proprietary formats again, Bill Gates!

Not so many years ago having *both* import and export was part of the
price of admission for new products to the marketplace. MS said the hell
with it, but they can get away with it. The OSS community meanwhile has
so maniacally pursued interoperability that they may have forgotten it's
not taken for granted on Main St. I don't think users have forgotten.

Eugene's comment on this:
This is an excellent point. Part of our design requirements is that the
system works well with non-OHS content. In other words, we should be
able to view e-mail without modifying the original file, meaning that
you won't have problems viewing the e-mail with regular browsers, and
that the system will work with e-mail from other systems.


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